What is Travelshoot?

Travelshoot is all about connecting travellers with local photographers around the world.

Invest 1 to 4 hours for the best travel photos of your life. Forget selfies and favors from other tourists – it’s about being spoilt with the expertise of local photographers who know their home city like no other. 

Designed to get you the shots you want, without stripping the holiday budget and consuming precious holiday time. Travelshoot's package itineraries are designed by local photographers who know where to go to get the best shots - but they also cater for all location requests. 

No hidden charges or long wait times - all images are provided in high resolution format within 7 days for your own use. 

Ideal for surprise wedding proposals, engagements and honeymoons. And just as perfect for couples and families on holiday - the ultimate souvenir to hang on your wall or make your Facebook friends insanely jealous. 

Where in the world is Travelshoot?


Where does Travelshoot go?

Travelshoot is constantly growing their list of available shoot destinations and works to
ensure they can connect travelers with local photographers in any destination - if your destination is not listed above, submit an email enquiry and Infinity will contact TravelShoot for you.

Travelshoot Package Options

Travelshoot Packages


  • TravelShoot
  • TravelShoot-
  • TravelShoot-
  • TravelShoot-
  • TravelShoot-
  • Photo Safari
  • Photo Shoot
  • Photo Safari
  • Photo Safari

How It Works

  • ADD a Travelshoot to your holiday
  • Meet your photographer
  • Say cheese!
  • See your photos online within 48 hours
  • Receive your Travelshoot album 7 days later