Sunsets and Stunning Views

Spectacular Santorini is the southernmost of the Cyclades Islands. Considered one of the natural wonders of the world, the island of Santorini is actually the remnants of an ancient volcano, and the cliffs of the ancient caldera, crowned with the eponymous blue-domed and whitewashed villages, provides the most essential images of Greece.

While most of the villages and hotels cling to the steep cliffs on the caldera side of the island, Santorini is not without its own set of lovely beaches. These beaches are different to the other Cycladic islands, due to the volcanic activity. Steep cliffs offer a dramatic backdrop, while black or red pebbles lay along the shoreline. Bedexes is a quiet, black sand beach on the north shore, and reminiscent of the way Santorini was before mass tourism.

At the south end of the island, you’ll find the archaeological site of Akrotiri. Buried in ash, much like the famous Pompeii in Italy, over 3500 years ago, the Akrotiri ruins provide a glimpse into ancient life through the extremely well-preserved frescos and artefacts.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Santorini is Greece’s most important wine producer; make sure you sample some of the locally grown varieties.
  2. The picturesque village of Oia on the northernmost tip of the island is widely considered the best place to enjoy the famous Santorini sunset.
  3. With crystal-clear waters, scuba diving is very popular, with one of the best sites being a wreck near the volcano.

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