French Riviera

The Quintessential Mediterranean Playground

Experience the best Nice has to offer by visiting the truly exquisite French Riviera. With a blend of captivating blue waters, cultural heritage and unadulterated glamour, this is a destination not to be missed.

Once you are on the Mediterranean coast, it's hard to pass the gloriously exotic French Riviera for sun-drenched style and sophistication. From the beautiful harbour of Nice, to the red carpets of Cannes prestigious film festival and the world-famous Old Casino in Monte Carlo in the principality of Monaco, the French Riviera is an essential experience to savour.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Nicoise Cuisine: If you really want to blow the budget, head to Nice's Le Chantecler Restaurant. Evening is la carte, but the lunchtime menu is (slightly) more reasonable.
  2. Take a Walk: Take a stroll along the harbour of Monte Carlo, viewing the incredible yachts.
  3. Illuminations of Monte Carlo: Travel to Monaco along the lower coast seaside road, with a panoramic photo stop of Villefranche, continuing onto to Monte Carlo.

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