Espiritu Santo

Be Inspired by the Boundless Beauty

The serenity of Espiritu Santo is simply unsurpassed. It exists in a setting so spectacular, it has to be seen to be believed. Coconut palms shade shimmering white sands, majestic rainforest fills dramatic ravines flickering with the rainbow wings of exotic birds and a series of sparkling blue swimming holes are connected by coral dusted caverns. Better yet, although it is Vanuatu’s largest island, the beauty is largely undisturbed.

Ancient Kauri trees stretch toward the sky in the south-west mountain forests, and in the north, Big Bay conservation area forms Vanuatu’s first national park. It is a true island hideaway, and the atmosphere is one of a secluded escape from the real world. Even so, Espiritu Santo offers plenty of adventure. A major draw card for divers, the sunken World War II legacies, SS President Coolidge and the destroyer USS Tucker, provide world-class wreck dive sites, and the crystal-clear waters of the renowned Blue Holes, thriving with thousands of magnificent tropical fish, present one of the most pristine snorkel or dive experiences available anywhere today.

On land, there are a host of fascinating tribal sites to explore. One of the few places where you can truly have the beach to yourself, make sure you enjoy a day of relaxation or a sunset picnic. A range of accommodation styles ensure everyone can experience the Espiritu Santo magic, so there is no excuse for not including it in a Vanuatu visit.

Insiders' Tips

  • Spend Time in Port Olry: Port Olry is a quaint traditional fishing village that has a lovely sandy-floored cafe where you can try the local specialty of coconut crab.
  • Discover Champagne Beach: Visit the picturesque white-sand bay where you can snorkel around marine-rich reef, directly off beach.
  • Enter Millennium Cave: Explore this amazing 3-4km long cave, then relax in the nearby waterfall.
  • Dive the World War II Wrecks: A major attraction of Espititu Santo, the diving is considered as some of the best in the world. The main attraction is the SS President Coolidge.
  • Explore the Rainforest: Loru Rainforest showcases exceptional birdlife and offers walkers respite in delightful blue pools.

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