Hunter Valley

The ideal getaway for couples, families or friends who want to unwind with fine wines, beautiful rolling hills, and a variety of delectable dishes. Welcome to the world-famous Hunter Valley, a wine lover’s dream come true.

Fancy a wine or 4?

Vines in the Hunter Valley’s rich soils produce some of the world’s best wines. Australia’s oldest wine region is two hours’ drive from Sydney and is known for its internationally acclaimed semillon, family-owned wineries, innovative young winemakers, delicious restaurants and fresh produce.

With more cellar doors than any other wine region in Australia, there are plenty of wine-tasting tours. You can also visit the wineries directly and learn more about wine at the Hunter Wine Theatre.

Another great way to enjoy your day of wine drinking is to picnic among the vines. Enjoy a self-guided tour of the Audrey Wilkinson Museum, followed by a masterclass and premium tasting from their in-house wine expert. Collect your bottle of wine, along with a gourmet cheese picnic hamper, and find your perfect picnic spot to enjoy the picturesque views.

Hunter Valley wine
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When you've had enough wine...

There is so much more than just wine to experience in the Hunter Valley. Below is some of our top picks...

  • For those early risers, how about a hot air balloon trip?  As the glowing sun rises, you will ascend into the sky in your colourful hot-air balloon, soaring high in the breezes above the rolling hills and vineyards of the Hunter Valley. Upon landing, continue the perfect morning with a gourmet champagne breakfast.
  • Visit Maitland Gaol. If one ever needed an additional reason to keep on the straight and narrow path and continue to avoid partaking in criminal activity, a visit to the Hunter Valley’s Maitland Gaol will provide all the incentive needed to do so. The historic prison encompasses over 150 years’ worth of criminal history and offers some harrowing insight into the often harsh conditions that its inmates were exposed to throughout the duration of its operation, which ceased relatively recently in the 1990’s.
  • Play a round of golf at Greg Norman's golf course - The Vintage. The Hunter Valley is something of a hotspot for golfing enthusiasts, with a number of quality courses all calling the region home, however few can compare with the prestige feel and seamless integration into the Hunter Valley’s environment that Greg Norman-designed The Vintage offers. It’s obvious that an effort has been made to capitalise on the inherent beauty of the mountain-and-vineyard setting, which is augmented by a course that comes with some great variation in both hole construction and layout.
  • The Australian Army Infantry Museum - One of the country’s most extensive displays of Australian wartime memorabilia – as well as an excellent tribute to our dedicated servicepeople – the Australian Army Infantry Museum in the military barracks of Singleton allows visitors to immerse themselves in the often trying trials of those who have participated in wartime conflicts throughout our country’s history.
The Vintage Golf Course
The Vintage Golf Course

Fun for the whole family

Let’s be honest. Whenever you think of the Hunter Valley it’s probably boozy weddings and cheeky weekenders. Great for adults, visiting dozens of wineries but not exactly exciting for children you might think. However, there are some great attractions and activities to do with kids in the Hunter Valley. Here’s our pick of the best!

  • The Hunter Valley Gardens - If you want acres of beautiful scenery for the kids to soak up nature, and see life sized Story Book characters that will thrill their little minds, then the Hunter Valley Gardens is the place to visit! An outing to the gardens will take between 2-3 hours and all the pathways are stroller friendly. 
  • The Hunter Valley Zoo - The perfectly-proportioned Hunter Valley Zoo houses a menagerie of interesting animals
  •  Aqua Golf and Putt Putt - Right next to the Hunter Valley Gardens is an Aqua Golf range offering fantastic prizes for those lucky enough to hit their ball into one of the nets. It’s probably a bit challenging for very young kids, but they’ll have fun watching Mummy and Daddy smacking golf balls into the water (and therapeutic for the parents!) 
  • The Hunter Valley Gardens Village - This is the place to go if you’re looking for a bite to eat, souvenirs and knick-knacks or plain forgot to bring your toothbrush from home. The Gardens Village is a collection of just over 20 different shops and sells sweets, honey, wine, chocolate, candles, books, toys, handmade crafts and loads more. Children may like to visit the British Lolly Shop and stare at the rows of British sweets, or glance at the books and toys at Village Books. There is also a small playground adjacent to the Village, so grab a gourmet hamper from Oscars or a cheese platter from Ye Olde General Store and enjoy a picnic. The kids will also love to visit the ice-creamery after lunch!
Hunter Valley Gardens
Hunter Valley Gardens

The Infinity Experience

Did you know?
The first passengers in a hot air balloon were a sheep, duck and a rooster nearly 240 years ago!