Golden Outback

Historic and Dramatic

Western Australia's Golden Outback is a living museum of true Aussie history, heritage, folklore and high adventure. Steeped in history and outback legend, the Goldfields region in the Golden Outback is dotted with historic settlements, ghost towns and stories of fortunes made and lost. Visit here and you will find yourself in the 1890's gold rush country exploring mines and museums, panning for gold or sinking cleansing ales in one of Kalgoorlie's historic pubs.

Visitors are invited to experience working cattle farms, mining-town life and indigenous culture first-hand. Yet the coast also plays host to particular gems, like the picturesque town of Esperance, surreal Pink Lake and fields of coastal wildflowers. A visit to the Golden Outback is not complete without taking the time to see one of Australia's most recognisable natural landforms - Wave Rock.

This is a place of vast, arid landscapes dotted with the ghostly relics of settlements built by gold rush pioneers, carpeted by seasonal wildflowers and contrasted dramatically by the snow-white beaches and rugged coastline around Esperance.

The only thing more evocative than the landscape out here is the vast unimpeded skies - a sea of azure blue by day and an astronomical by night.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Experience Gold Fever: The 1890s Kalgoorlie gold rush may be history, but visit a huge, working mine to see how gold is extracted today.
  2. See the Giant Wave: this multicoloured famous landform near Hyden is an amazing sight and dates back over 2700 million years!
  3. Explore the Great Ocean Drive: This 38km scenic drive along the coast from Esperance takes in a number of natural beauties, including Pink Lake.

More Information

For maps, days tours and accommodation options, visit the Golden Outback chapter in our online Western Australia brochure. Click here.

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