A True National Treasure

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, it is difficult to pinpoint what is best about Broome - a place where bright red dirt meets pure white sand and shimmering turquoise seas. Broome has had an amazing history. Established as a telegraph cable station and pearler's base, it has been attracting people from around the globe since the 1890s.

The 22 kilometres of Cable Beach is a sight to behold, with different areas to cater for every taste, including beaches for families, nudists, camel riders and four-wheel-drivers. The western coast is also known for its dinosaur fossils and there are some awe-inspiring footprints just off Cable Beach.

While in Broome, visit the local pearl farms and the numerous indigenous art galleries in town, or go fishing from the jetty at Roebuck Bay. At sunset, ride a camel over the sand dunes and along the beach, then sip a cocktail at the Sunset Bar in the Cable Beach Club. For a truly memorable Broome experience, head to Town Beach to witness the phenomenon called 'Staircase to the Moon' where moonlight shines on pools of water and creates the illusion that you could walk straight up and shake hands with the man in the moon himself... it is absolutely magical.

No matter what you do in Broome though it will be unforgettable. With a culture as exotic and eclectic as its scenery, its world-famous reputation is totally justified.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Take a Day Trip to Cape Leveque, a stunning hidden pocket, complete with red pindan cliffs and stunning white beaches.
  2. View the Sunset over Cable Beach.
  3. Watch a Movie Under the Stars at Sun Pictures: The oldest outdoor cinema in operation that opened in 1916.
  4. See the Staircase to the Moon.

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