Miri & Mulu

Gateway to Nature & Tradition

A growing resort area on the north coast of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, Miri is a former fishing village and Shell oil town with beaches, an abundance of shops, good restaurants, nightlife areas and friendly people. It's also an ideal base from which to explore the wonderful nearby national parks. Miri is also the main tourist gateway for the Loagan Bunut National Park, Lambir National Park, and the Niah Caves.

Miri itself has plenty to offer, boasting some spectacular beaches, including Tanjong Lobang Beach, Luak Esplanade and Bekenu-Sibuti Beach, and Miri Reef is one of Borneo’s best dive spots. Make sure you check out South-East Asia’s largest Taoist temple, Lian Hua San, and the local handicrafts markets at the colourful bazaar.

The world famous Gunung Mulu National Park, site of the Sarawak Chamber (the largest known cave chamber in the world), a half an hour flight from the city, is one of the favourite eco-tourism destinations. Take the challenging guided hike to the summit of Gunung Mulu, the second-highest peak in Sarawak, or walk what is said to be the longest tree-to-tree skywalk in the world. Wander through the world- record-breaking limestone caves; Deer Cave is the world’s largest cave passage, Sarawak Chamber is the world’s largest natural chamber and Clearwater Cave is the longest cave in South-East Asia.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Visit Lambir Hills National Park. Ranked as the 12th mega-biodiverse site in the world, this park boasts a huge array of flora and fauna.
  2. Grab some local handicrafts, antiques or souvenirs at the colourful bazaars and markets.
  3. Embrace your inner explorer and journey to the largest-known enclosed space in the world at Sarawak Chamber.

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