A Colourful Hub of Activity

Kuching is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, which is situated on the island of Borneo. Once a British protectorate, Kuching was occupied by the Japanese during World War II and became a part of Malaysia in 1963. The population of approximately 600,000 is made up of Chinese, Malays, Ibans, Indians and many indigenous groups, making it extremely multicultural.

Kuching is a blend of modern and traditional. Kuching's historic buildings were spared in World War II and many of these buildings have been restored and renovated. the city offers many sights, including temples, mosques and museums. Visit Main Bazaar Street on the waterfront, which offers a wide variety of handicrafts and souvenirs. Kuching also has a selection of shopping centres and malls offering a more modern shopping experience.

Due to its multi-racial makeup, Kuching offers a lot of variety in terms of dining. Sarawak has its own distinctive cuisine and Kuching is the best place to sample it. There is a lively bar and club scene in the city grouped around Pandungan Road, Jalan McDougall and Travillion.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Wander through Old Kutching: Squeeze your way through the narrow alleyways, witnessing Kuching life and browsing the colourful central markets.
  2. Standing Tall: Wander under the minarets of the impressive Sarawak State Mosque which is a striking part of the city landscape.
  3. Probably Proboscis: Here are some fun facts about these endemic monkeys: proboscis babies are born with blue faces, they are excellent swimmers and the males use there prominent noses to honk and impress the ladies. Head to Bako National Park to get a closer look.

More Information

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