Kuala Lumpur

A City of Diverse Influences

Kuala Lumpur is Asia's newest capital city and epitomises modern Malaysia, blending the old and new with the diverse influences of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures. This makes Kuala Lumpur's street some of the most vibrant and exciting.

The city skyline is dominated by the Petronas Twin Towers, with 88 storeys soaring above the city streets and making it the world's highest freestanding twin-tower structure. Visit Merdeka Square, the bustling streets of Chinatown and the welcoming National Mosque. Enjoy the tranquillity of Lake Gardens, visit the National Museum, enjoy the thrills of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park or take a day trip to the amazing Batu Caves or colonial Malacca

Food is everything here. The city boasts numerous hawker centres that heave with the clatter of woks and stovetops creating some of Kuala Lumpur's tastiest and most affordable signature dishes, like satay, beef rendang curry, and the best laksa you've ever tasted. Its various cuisines is an adventure in itself.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Explore the Batu Caves: Hindus consider the caves, north of KL, to be sacred. Bananas and peanuts will keep the resident monkeys happy.
  2. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park: Visit one of Malaysia's premier water theme parks.
  3. Take a day trip to Malacca.
  4. Try a fish foot massage.

More Information

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