A Charming Atmosphere

Commonly referred to as South-East Asia's biggest village, Vientiane shares little in common with its neighbouring capitals. Situated on the Mekong River, near the Thailand border, this growing capital vity enjoys a deliciously relaxing atmosphere

Officially established as capital of Lan Xang in 1563, to avoid Burmese invasion, Vientiane was later rebuilt by the French after the Simese army left it in virtual ruins. The city does not feature a great deal of French after the Siamese army left it in virtual ruins. the city does not feature a great deal of French-style architecture, but the local penchant for producing baguettes and fragrant coffee clearly shows that influence of the French still lingers on.

With no shortage of things to see, you'll find yourself slowly won over by the easy charms of this evolving city. From Buddha Park to the Morning Market, an impossibly rich selection of international cuisine and an abundance of temples, the best thing to do after a day of sightseeing here has always been to wander down to the riverside, relax and watch the sun set over the Mekong

Insiders' Tips

  1. See Patuxai: Reminiscent of Paris' Arc de Triomphe, this is Vientiane's most prominent monument.
  2. Visit Wat Si Saket: Vientiane's oldest and most original temple houses over 6000 miniature Baddha images.
  3. See That Dam - the Black Stupa: This is the mythical abode of a seven-headed dragon that protects Vientiane from the armies of Siam, who invaded in 1827

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