Siem Reap

A City Of Contrasts

Nestled in northern Cambodia, Siem Reap is the gateway to the Angkor region, and promises a photo album full of unforgettable experiences, from ancient temples to bustling market places.

This laid-back city offers a pleasant compromise between observing traditional Cambodian life and enjoying the amenities of modern services and entertainment, thanks to a large expatriate community. The main town is concentrated around the Old Market area where old French-colonial buildings meet the shopping and community districts. Here you will find great bars and restaurants with extensive menus of fried rice and westernised approximations of Khmer dishes.

The Angkor Archaeological Park, located just a short distance outside of Siem Reap, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing the magnificent remains of the Khmer civilisation. the most famous sites are Angkor Wat, the largest temple in the world and Angkor Thom, also known as The Great City, which is surrounded by a wall and a moat with five monumental gates.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Visit the Landmine Museum: Hear the story of the former Khmer Rouge child soldier Aki Ra.
  2. Shop at the Old Market: This flea market offers fake Khmer antiques, as well as tourist souvenirs.
  3. Cambodian Culture Village: this village houses miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures
  4. Visit the National Museum: This museum offers visitors a better understanding of the area's archaeological treasures.

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