Lombok & Gili Islands

Traditional Island Beauty and Lifestyle

Bali's sister island, Lombok, which lies to the east of its more well-known counterpart, boasts the same idyllic tropical paradise that has attracted visitors to Bali for so many years. Increasing numbers of holiday makers are discovering the delights of Lombok, an island that still retains its traditional lifestyle and charm, but offers stunning beaches, quiet surf breaks, tropical reefs to explore, and challenging trekking in the skyline-dominating, Rinjani National Park, home to an active volcano.

There are small resorts, such as Medana Beach and Kuta (a different one!) dotted right round the coast, but the main tourist development has occurred in the idyllic Sengiggi beach, a few kilometres north of the capital city - Mataram. Sengiggi and Lombok in general, offer fantastic value for money, with most of the highly rated hotels much cheaper than their Bali counterparts. Home to an array of quiet beach restaurants, Senggigi is perfect for watching the stunning sunsets with a cool cocktail in hand. As it gets dark, the lanterns of the local fishing fleet gather in the calm bay, like a floating village set against the dramatic night sky .

For a true taste of island lifestyle, the small coral-fringed Gili Islands off Lombok's north-west coast are a scuba and snorkelling haven. The three islands, Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan, are car and motorcycle free, and offer a more laid back, off-the-beaten track holiday experience.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Explore the Cultural Fabric: Lombok is renowned for traditional fabrics, the village of Sukarara is a great place to see weaving in action.
  2. Just Deserts for Surfers: Although not easy to find, keen surfers are rewarded at Desert Point near Bangko with very long, hollow waves that almost always end in a barrel.
  3. Dance Untill the Sun Comes Up: Three nights a week, Gili Trawangan comes alive with beach parties, with local DJ's playing untill dawn.

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For maps, days tours and accommodation options, visit the Lombok & Gili Islands chapter in our online Bali brochure. Click here.

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