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Set on the South China Sea with beautiful white sandy beaches, the limestone islands of Halong Bay, the remote villages of the highlands and spectacular caves of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam is a land of staggering beauty. Combined with the dynamic cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and the complex, exotic flavours of Vietnamese cuisine, makes this a compelling country to visit.




Time Zone - GMT + 7 Hrs / Sydney - 3 Hrs / No Daylight Savings

Weather Seasons - Vietnam has a subtropical climate, except for the northern highlands which can recieve snow during the winter months. Vietnam has two disticnt monsoon seasons, the southwestern monsoon is wet and humid (May - September) and the norteast monsoon is drizzly with colder temperatures (October - April). 

Vietnam also experiences marked differences according to altitude and latitude.

Nothern Vietnam - December - February cold temperatures to below freezing in the mountainous areas / March - April warm & pleasant comfortable temperatures / May - July The rainy season with heavy downpours, bringing hot & humid conditions / August - November returning to the more pleasant temperatures with some drizzling rain

Central Coast - November - January wet season / February - May best time to visit warm tempratures / June - August the hottest time of the year with temperatures in the high 30's / September to November in general is typhoon season, torrential rain and strong winds

Southern Vietnam - December - April dry season, with temeratures reaching their hottest between March - May / May - October is monsoon season with most rain falling in afternoon downpours

Currency - Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Peak Travel Season - April - July 

Key Booking Period - January - February

Avg Length of Stay - 6 days

Visa Requirements - Australia is not on the exempt country list for Vietnam and a visa is required. Australians are eligible to apply for a Vietnam e-Visa. Australians must hold a passport valid for at least two (2) months after arrival to Vietnam, to travel to and within the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for up to 30 consecutive days. It is electronically issued; a single entry visa that must be requested at least two (2) working days prior to the departure date.

Events /Public Holidays to note - New Year's Day; Tet (Last day of the last lunar month to the 5th day of the first lunar month, Late January or Early February); Hung Kings Temple Festival (April 10th day of the 3rd lunar month); Reunification Day 30 April; Labour Day 01 May; National Day 02 September

Key Airlines - Vietnam Airlines (VN) Singapore Airlines (SQ) Jetstar (JQ)